Eligibility and Guidelines

All current New York State Capital Region undergraduate and graduate students, doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, recent alumni, administrative staff, and faculty are eligible to apply as the Entrepreneurial Lead (EL). 

Proposed business technical ventures should be in either the idea, development, or startup stages and have a scalable impact. Business ideas can be from a wide variety of fields including (but not limited to) medical devices, mobile applications, software, physical products, the internet of things, social startups, hardware, wearables, or any other STEM field.

Accepted teams must commit to attending their cohort’s training sessions, office hours with the instructors, and the final presentation day. Failure to complete these elements of the program may be grounds for disqualification from the program and forfeiture and/or repayment of any grant awards associated with the program.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • All application materials must be submitted via this submission portal (for all schools).
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Space is limited in each cohort.
  • Applicants may only be on ONE team per cohort.
  • Teams must spend their grant awards in the spending windows specified for each cohort. Teams must determine the dates they plan to spend the grant award and apply to the corresponding cohort. Acceptance may be deferred to a later cohort if the selection committee determines the team's spending falls in a different cohort’s spending window.

Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected on the basis of team, intellectual property/technology strength, and fit with the I-Corps Program mission.

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