Financial Details

At the start of the program, an itemized financial plan for the awarded funds should be drafted for review. 

Types of acceptable expenses are:

  • Meetings and Conferences - Cost of admission as well as ancillary costs (i.e., transportation, meals, registration fees, etc.)
    • Conferences related to your product/service’s industry
    • Meetings hosted by the team for the purpose of customer discovery or market research
  • Travel Costs - Costs related to travel, accommodations, and meals while traveling for customer discovery
    *During the Covid 19 pandemic, travel guidelines of the host institution must be followed.
  • Materials and Supplies - Minimal materials and supplies used to create a prototype (for the product) or pilot program (for services)
  • Services - Contracted work will be considered if the proposed work is to be completed by 1) a student of a participating College or University; or 2) a firm that meets RPI’s contractor guidelines. Teams may request reimbursement for SAAS subscriptions that enhance their ability to reach their customer. i.e., LinkedIn Premium

All expenses must be either purchased through the I-Corps Site program administrators or be reimbursed after personal purchase. All expenses must be approved by I-Corps Site program administrators prior to purchase.

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