This is a real-world, experiential learning program. All participants are expected to commit to at least 3-5 hours per person per week to engage in customer discovery or market research. 

Teams will be required to attend their cohort's training sessions on entrepreneurship, one-on-one office hours with the instructors, and a final presentation session where participants will show how their business ideas have developed over the course of the program. 

By the end of the program, your team can expect to accomplish some of the following:

  • Found general data on the size of your technology’s market and any key market trends
  • Analyzed several competitive products
  • Interviewed potential customers or end-users
  • Completed a standard business model canvas
  • Learned about potential sources of early-stage commercialization funding
  • Decided whether or not to pursue commercialization of your technology or idea
  • Completed much of the research you need to apply for a commercialization-focused grant

Cohorts start every two weeks.


While individuals can apply, preference will be given to complete teams that balance technical competencies and entrepreneurial curiosity. A complete team includes an Academic Lead and an Entrepreneurial Lead. 

The Academic Lead will have an academic appointment that would qualify them to submit proposals to the NSF. The AL can also be a Post-Doctoral scholar, or professional staff member, or alumni (only if the EL is a faculty member) provided that person has a deep understanding of the technology that serves as the focus of the project.

The Entrepreneurial Lead is a post-doctoral scholar, a student, professional staff member, or alum with relevant knowledge of the technology and a deep commitment to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation.

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